How powerful is SENuke Inferno?  Why not ask the guy who created the SENuke software?
“The Inferno method works! Being the developer of SEnuke I keep a keen eye on what is working with Google today and what isn't, and the Inferno method definitely works as of today. Both newbies and seasoned nukers will find something new in it. It comes with step-by-step instruction for newbies and a one-page "overall strategy" guidance for seasoned experts. Inferno is a classy guy who is very active on the SEnuke forums and I have no hesitation in recommending this!


Areeb Bajwa, Creator of SENuke
 Not bad right?  How about the guy who runs the SENuke message boards?
“Hi Inferno,

I just finished reading your PDF and checked out the senukeinferno website. I have to say, this is without a doubt the most comprehensive, and quite frankly groundbreaking approach to using Senuke that I've seen. Your strategies and templates are unquestionably some of the most ingenious approaches to Senuke that anyone has ever done. I'm not sure what you plan on charging for this product but if I were you I wouldn't give this stuff away cheap.

The templates alone, and the way in which they are designed to make websites Panda/Penguin proof are really smart. I also like the custom tools you provide and the awesome tips on how to complete the campaigns.

Anyway, if you want to, feel free to use this as an official endorsement of your product, I'm 100% sure it'll "fly off the shelves" so to speak.

-Netheo, moderator at the Senuke Message boards.”

Netheo, Senuke Staff Member & Moderator at the official Senuke forum.
Pretty good...but you know when you have a winning product?  When your competition endorses you.
“Now it may seem odd my writing a review for a ‘competitor’ product, but I have seen a lot of extremely low quality and shockingly bad templates in my time.  However this is a little different, SEnuke Inferno is a well structured guide well suited to both those who have never used SEnuke XCr before and those who have had it some time. Whilst it is true I don’t personally hold with all the methods put forward, one of the beauties of SEnuke is that it is such an open system and allows this variations in approach.  Now as I know that makes writing any guide to its use a complex matter, how do you put down in paper a 1-2-3 approach for piece of software that can be used in so many ways? Inferno has done a nice job presenting his successful methods of using the software and as such I say it is well worth a read to gain another person’s views on using SEnuke XCr."
Pobman, Owner of
So what the heck is SENuke Inferno????

Senuke Inferno is the groundbreaking system that will show you exactly how to...

  • Harness the power of SenukeXcr to rocket your site to the very top of Google.
  • Rank your site for difficult keywords.  Anyone can rank a site for easy keywords, but learn how to rank them for harder ones.
  • Make your site Panda & Penguin proof*....FOREVER.  Don't worry about what's coming next, this method will keep your site away from those crazy animals.*
  • Learn the methods that earned me $152k in 2012 using just 1 website.
  • Learn tricks and tips so powerful, even members of the Senuke staff are blown away by them.