In most cases your question will require some information be sent to me before I can resolve your issue, PLEASE read the very short FAQ below so we can cut down the turnaround time to resolve your issues.  The actual form to submit is located at the bottom of the FAQ, so if you found your questions and have the appropriate information to send me,  just scroll down and send over your question.

Question: I haven't received my login and password yet, what gives?

Answer: It's one of 2 things, your L/P are sent automatically to your paypal account, check there and in the spam folder.  If you don't see it, odds are something went wrong with the intertubes.   Please send me the following information so I can manually set up your account:

Paypal email address you used to purchase:
Desired Username:
Desired Password:
Desired Email Address associated with account:

Question: I paid for the Platinum Package but when I click on the Platinum tab it just redirects me to the sales page, what gives?

Answer: The Platinum tab is for people who changed their mind and want to upgrade after the fact (I put this in due to numerous requests from people who love the product and regretted not purchasing the platinum package up front).  Regardless of what package you have, you will all "see" the same thing, however only the people with the Platinum package will be able to click on the Zontseo link, the Videos link, and the "other" link that we don't talk about anywhere.  However, if you paid for the Platinum package, and can't click on those links and get the content, please shoot me an email with your paypal email address and your username, and I will manually double check and fix the problem.

Question: Where do I log-in?


Question: I tried to type in the login and password you sent me but it doesn't work, whats up?

Answer: In most cases it's because you tried to copy and paste your login and password, and it added in a space at the beginning or end when you did that, try typing it in manually, if that doesn't work, contact me with this info and i'll delete and re-create your account:

Paypal email address you used to purchase:
Desired Username:
Desired Password:
Desired Email Address associated with account:

Question: I have 3000 keywords I want to nuke for my homepage, should I create 1000 campaigns and run them all at the same time?

Answer: The odds of having 1 page (your home page) properly optimized to rank high for more than 3 keywords tends to be very slim.  Your best strategy when trying to rank for more than 3 keywords is to create subpages, optimize them for those 3 keywords, and nuke them independently.  My system treats internal pages as if they are their own website, you create a campaign and run them the same way I teach you in the book for each internal page.  When you try to rank high for that many keywords, all that happens is you get disappointed with mediocre results.  It's a much better strategy to laser target 1 page for a select few keywords than it is to go for a shotgun approach on 1 page.

Question: I love your guide, is there anything I can do to help you out?

Answer: As a matter of fact there is, if you would be so kind as to go to this page, and leave a nice review, I'd appreciate it.

Question: Will you give me private coaching?

Answer: As you read in my guide, I am a business owner, the launch of this product has turned my typical workday into 18-20 hours.  Yes, that's PER DAY.  I'm sorry, but I simply do not have the time to personally coach people.  This guide should be pretty detailed on what you need to succeed.

Question: How do I make money online?

Answer: That's such a loaded question, but in short, there are hundreds of ways to make money line.  Affiliate sites, Adsense sites, Amazon sites, Ebay sites, CPA offers, and of course, you could go like me and sell your own product line.  This guide isn't about that, it's about how to use SENuke properly to dominate your niche in the organic search results.

Question: You talk a lot about Google, what about Bing, Yahoo, Aol,, etc?

Answer: In my personal experience, nearly every site that I rank high for in Google, I will rank even higher in the secondary search engines.  If I'm #3 in Google, I'm usually #1 in Yahoo.

Question: I'm on your mailing list now aren't I?  Does that mean you're going to send me 50 million offers to buy a bunch of bullshit IM products?

Answer: Yes, that's 100% correct.  Just Kidding!!!  I will NEVER, EVER try to sell you some bullshit.  I hate people that do that.  Seriously, when people do that, the very first thing I do is unsubscribe from their damn mailing list.  You should only get a few things from me via email.

  • Important updates to this project, IE, new stuff that I've released and have added to the site for you to check out, obviously all free for you.
  • Crazy deals that I found or have been passed my way that I think you should take advantage of (usually these are either free, or at a ridiculous discount, like the 50 dollar hosting plan that I found for 50 cents the other day).
  • Important SEO or SENuke related articles that I have found valuable and want to share with you.
  • The rare occasion when there actually is something worthwhile, that I have personally vetted for a good long period of time.

That's it.  If you hear from me more than once or twice a month, I'd be shocked.  Don't be surprised if you go several months in a row without hearing from me.  Most offers out there are bullshit, I don't want to waste either of our time.

Question: Who answers these emails?  A virtual assistant you outsourced?

Answer: Nope, every question is answered by me, Inferno.

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