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First and foremost I wanted to thank you for purchasing this product. I've used and developed these methods for my own personal brick & mortar company for a while now.

They work. Period.

This method will rank almost any site at the top of Google & should make your site Panda & Penguin proof in the process if you use my instructions properly.

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Sometimes this email will find its way into your spam folder, you can blame the geniuses at Google & Microsoft for that. No seriously, blame them. It'll make you feel better and improve your blood pressure levels which your doctor has been nagging you about.

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In the future I will be emailing you as updates are released, and when I find something worthwhile to pass your way.

I WILL NEVER SPAM YOU. Period. I hate spam. I mean, seriously, if you think you hate spam, you have no idea how much a business owner like me who has to go through a ton of spam in my business emails just to make sure nobody important got filtered, AND has to take spam phone calls all the time hates spam. If you don't want to be on my list, you can always unsubscribe. I won't take offense. Well, I might a little, but you can't please everyone can you?


There are 2 spelling mistakes on this page, done intentionally. Did you find them? If you didn't well...I was just kidding, there aren't any spelling mistakes. If you did, then...yeah, it was intentional.